Our spray-applied cellulose insulation and the reinforced natural fiber are derived from plants to provide environmently friendly solutions that are non-carcinogenic and free from any harmful elements to human and our environment. Our social responsibility is to keep the living environment safe and healthy with a peace of mind for everyone.

:: Institute of Education Cafeteria ::

The Institute of Eduction employed our open system solution to the soffit of the cafeteria to provide an excellent ambient sound, enhanced thermal comfort and a safe environment with a peace of mind enjoying the meal.

:: Conventional Man-made Fiber ::

Workers who directly come in contact with conventional man-made fiber insulation (mineral fiber) unprotected can suffer from skin rashes, eye and throat irritation, and may cause other health problems. Please read detail quotes from American Lung Association, which is self explanatory.

Wikipedia warn when handling such materials and precautions need to be taken as prolong exposure could lead to long term effects, and some types of mineral wool are considered a possible carcinogen to humans.

Potential Risks of Insulating with Fiberglass - by Dr Joseph Mercola
Fiberglass is a man-made fiber that works as an insulation tool. Even though it’s very useful, you must be careful if you choose this material...

Our products had been rigorously tested by various internationally recognized independent laboratories in comprehensive fields and obtain various certifications and approvals from international standards' institutions.


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