High Peformance Multi Function
Cellulose Insulation Treatment System

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Performance, Durable and Self-supporting System 

National Art Gallery of Singapore is treated with our Cell Spray for Thermal and Condensation Control and Sound Transmission as well as Reverberation Control...

- National Art Gallery of Singapore

A Total System of light pure natural treated fiber applied witrh special compatible binder utilizing specially designed equipment with guided application method to form a self-supporting treatment system that produces unequalled performances.

Designed for high performance multifunction (Self-supporting) spray-applied cellulose insulation treatment tailored to your various project's requirement:

  • Acoustic / Sound / Thermal treatment (Reverberation, Sound transmission and Impact noise as well as Thermal and Condensation control) with durable - aesthic interior finishes and choice of color.
  • No additional finishing is required.
  • Can be applied to virtually any surface configuration: Concrete, Steel, Wood, Aluminum, Urethane, Styrofoam, Board, Glass nad other construction materials.
  •  Can be applied up to 125 mm thick overhead without mechanical support. It serves as exposed ceiling finishes.
  • Compatible, versatile and economical applications with maximum multifunction performance. 
Cell Spray is manufactured under very strict quality control through most modern process utilizing "state of the art" technology to form high quality fiber that resistance to fire. mold. mildew and insecticide.

The finished product is a strong, durable monolithnic layer of high performance multi function insulation system with hard-flexible layer at the bottom of predetermined thickness of system layer.

Naturally - Tough & Naturally - Attractive

With its carpet-like texture and wide variety colors, our product is especially attractive as a surface finish of ceilings in new construction as well as renovation projects.

Available in six standard colors (especially matched custom color ia also available)
*Color selection will affect price. Chart shows as closed color appearance.

Special Features

Our product forms a monolithic layer with dead air spaces between and within its hollow fibers. Because of the specially designed & controlled spray system, they fill cracks, voids and seams forming monolithnic layer over the substrate, which eliminates air infiltration.

Conventional and prefabricated insulation tends to be compressed during handling and shipment may creates cracks and voids during installations, also settling and sagging after installation, our treatment system has no voids or compressed areas that reduces thermal efficiency and acoustical properties.

The Polytechnic atrium is treated with our  product for much needed sound control for events and musical performances as well as for thermal control

Thermal Performance & Condensation Control

Cell-Spray is a "Green Labelled Insulation" and a more effective in place product with exceptionally low heat transfer characteristics as a result of the above special features.

For areas such as Indoor pools, ice arenas, air plenum, mechanical rooms and 24-hour air-conditioned rooms; our product aids in condensation and greatly helps to maintain in-door temperature both for space with and without air conditioner.

Proper combination of our product and ventilation prevents condensation on metal, concrete an other surfaces. Our installed system significantly saves building's energy consumption and actually reduces ventilation requirement, saving both your ventilation equipment and operating costs.

Acoustical Performance
Our resilient fibers absorb energy instead of reflecting it, reducing reverberation time and maling speech and music performance more intelligible. Excessive unwanted noise is eliminated with the application of our product. While greatly improving ambient sound quality in a wide variety of building projects, including:
  • Auditorium
  • Convention & Exhibition centers
  • Churches and other Religious & Worship Facilities
  • Discotheques and Entertainment Centers
  • Factory & Industrial Facilities
  • Meeting Facilities
  • Music Halls
  • Offices
  • Parking Garage
  • Power / Mechanical Rooms
  • Recording Studios
  • Retail Spaces
  • School and Universities
  • Sport facilities
  • Television and Movie Production Studios
  • and many others...
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