:: Acoustic Ultra Line ::

:: Product Description ::
 Easy to install - High performances - Interior finishes

Above Ceiling Application Thermal & Noise Damping

  • High Efficiency - Sound Absorption (NRC Rating)
  • STC & OITC Values
  • High Efficiency - Thermal Insulation
  • Energy Savings Material
  • Natural Base - Environment Friendly Product
  • Easy Installation, Durable & Attractive Finishes

Reinforced Natural Fiber, high performances, aesthetic finishes and easy installation are always our intentions in developing new product. This Ultra Line acoustical product is a testimonial to that effect.

After going through rigorous tests wtih stringent standards and gaining reputation with excellent track records in North America, its now available for export markets.

Combined with applications of Cell-Spray under Metal roof and Ceiling help establishing green energy saving buildings while having pleasant and save environment. All items can be supplied with pure Aluminum Foil or Poly liner at any thickness and dimension customized to your needs.

Our products are recommended by the American Institute of Architects-Sustainable Design. US Green Buildings Council and many US Builders. Featured in Green Buildings campaign through broadcasts by ABC, CBS, House & Garden TV and Discovery Channel.

This is truly innovative 'do it yourself' environment friendly product with great performances, durability and attractive finishes. Used by OEM Industries for various applications i.e. HVAC, home theater, engine heat covers, seals, pump housing and refrigeraton comnpartments etc.

Test results & Approvals and partial project reference are presented in this publication.

Type "W" Insulation

Type "W" comes in light blue 3.5" and 2" thick (12" or 24" width X 94" length. Special order up to 5.5" thick & custom dimension are available. In compliance with US-EPA standard and this no-itch insulation is easy to handle and install. Passed ASTM C739 test. Wall panel fitting accessories & lining are available.


Acoustical Panel - Type "A" 

Made of 100% natural fiber produce high acoustical performances and durable with high aesthetic finishes. No additional wrapping or lining necessary. No shelf-life, tested in compliance with various ASTM stringent standards. Homes & commercial projects, whether that improvement or newly develop projects need this product.

Hanging Baffles Indoor Arena

Available with standard dimension in pure blue color. Other colors and dimension are available.

Acoustical Performance - NRC Type: "A" Acoustical Panel

Sports area becomes convert hall

As tested in accordance with ASTM C423 using Type A mounting per ASTM E795

Accoustical Panel - Type "U" Ultra Line

Swimming Pools


Wall & Ceiling - Modeling Photo Studio

This top of the line has higer durability and performance. It is more rigid and durable. There is no additional lining or finishes necessary. Its ready to be installed as finishes product. It greatly speeds up project's schedule while providing more flexible design to Architects and Interior Designers. In addition to general ASTM requirement this product has been tested in accordance with ASTM C423, E90 and E413 as well as ASTM 1332.

Acoustical Performance - NRC Type: "U" Acoustical Panel
*As tested in accordance with ASTM C423 using Type A mounting per ASTM E795


Sound Transmission Class-STC 17 - 7/8" (min) thick-Type: U
Outdoor Indoor Transmission Class - OITC 14 -7/8" (min) thick - Type "U"

* As tested in accordance with ASTM E90, ASTM E413 and E1332

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