High-Tension Fabric Wall Mounting System

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Advanced Wall Systems - Positive LOCKING and UNLOCKING capability

Moot Court Room, UNLV-Las Vegas

Durable and effective acosutical substrates becomes very essential in today's digital surround sound technology. Wall Liner is made of 100% high quality ABS resins that forms strong and durable wall frame systems with high resilency against loosening its grip of the fabric wall covering materials.

This patented re-usable wall mounting system is designed for high-tensioned wall mounting system with easy installation.

The Wall-Liner's "Stretch-Tension-Lock" features produce wall covering with great strength and rigidity. Its Lock-on and Lock-off system enable users to adjust, remove and replace fabric coverings at anytime needed.

Combined with installation of either our Cell-Spray or Insul-PAC, this excellent high-tensioned system is specifically designed for effective in room noise reduction and beautiful appearance, with high resiliency.

Main Ball Room, Century Plaza Hotel - Los Angeles



100,000 sqm Staple's Center:
Sports arena bcomes concert hall

This System passed ASTM E-84 Class A Fire Rating and passes wide range of toxicity stringent UPIT tests to meet with EU Countries and other Building's Authorities.

Its high-tensioned system makes it reliable for building's accoustical design while providing beautiful appearance.

The Sony Pictures Screening Room, Enterprise Recording Studio and the 100,000 SqM Staple's Center in Los Angeles are amoung our satisfactory customers.

The famous Staple's Center, known for high level Sports Arena and Concert Venue, runs over 4 million people through the facility each year. The traffic is next to fabric covering that stay's tight and can't be pulled out or loosened.

Special Features
  Its positive locking and unlocking capability is a new invention in the industry. This feature is second to none in the market. The strong ABS material base produces reusable system. Its easy installation makes it possible for self-installation by our home and commercial clients.

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Fabric Application
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