:: High Performance Roofing Treatment System ::

:: Product Description ::
Insul-Pac has been awarded "The Most Innovative Product 2002" 

This metal decking roofing system is treated with our product to reduce reverberation, eliminate impact noise and for high efficiency thermal conductivity

  • High Performance-Impact Noise Treatment
  • Excellent Sound Transmission Class Rating
  • High Efficiency-Thermal Insulation
  • Fire Endurance Rating
  • Independent & Reliable System
  • Energy Saving & Environmental Friendly

INSUL-PAC is truly an innovative product made from high technology processed materials and components resulting an unsurpassed light weight treatment system, with high STC and IIC ratings, in the construction industry today.

It is lightweight and effective accoustic and thermal control treatment, thus enabling more flexible design both for exterior and interior, while significantly reduce structural cost.

Insul-Pac greatly helps to prevent condensation while saving building's energy costs.

Unlike conventional insulation or other copy product, Insul-Pac is non-corrosive and contains no corrosive binder thus it prolongs the life span of metal roofing system.

Note: For Approvals and Standards Compliance, please contact our representative for more details.
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